What Makes Nashville Pest Control Companies Different?

Let’s look at the evidence regarding the pest control industry and how we categorize Nashville pest control companies.

First of all Nashville home owners can choose between five different sizes of companies and the characteristics of each one.

1. The one man ‘Bug-Man’ company. There are literally 19,000+ of these type of companies or bug guys that visit homeowners on a regular basis or on call. Usually they are local people who have decided to stop working for a larger company and decided to go into business for themselves. Homeowners typically have the bug guys cell phone number and yes land line with an answering machine.
2. The small local company. These companies usually have between 3-15 employees and offer the local component as the main driver for a homeowners choice. Sometimes they will also have the bug guy feel in that the company usually doesn’t attract people interested in a career because the growth isn’t available.
3. The small to mid size local company – These companies usually tout their 50+ years in business and position themselves in the market as experts because of the age of the company. Usually they are between 15-75+ employees and are looking to maintain their share of the market.  They have most of the usual offerings of larger companies, but may have service offerings tied up in key partnerships that force specific products to homeowners.
4. The mid size company – These companies typically grow quickly and are concerned with obtaining as many customers as possible to grow.  They are usually state wide or multi state operations. Most of the time these companies have 50-200 employees. Most of the mid size bug companies in Nashville are newer to the market because they have recently moved their service line to Tennessee.
5. The large pest company – Here you have the national companies or regional companies.  Most of the time, these national companies dominate the market with advertising dollars and name recognition. The level of service you will receive will depend totally on the quality of the operational manager of the employees. Most of the time they have a call center not even in Tennessee. These companies have thousands of employees just in Tennessee.
The pest control industry has gone to primarily quarterly service contracts because its better for the company.  Less visits for the same amount of money annually.

The other factor that makes pest control companies different is their no obligation vs. contract for pest control.

Lots of one man ‘Bug-Man’ companies and local companies tout their no contract and no obligation for pest control services. These companies, you call when you need them and when they go out of business or sell to a larger company, you just don’t hear from them again.
Then there are the other pest companies that enforce a contract for pest service. These companies are usually the ones who make you pay a fee if you want to break your contract.  Also, they are adamant that you must stay with them and their contract isn’t negotiable.

What makes U.S. Pest different from every other type of company out there?  Well, we believe the highest standards didn’t exist in our industry, so we created them.  That’s right.

1. We are a mid size company that offers service agreements, but we do not hold our customers hostage.  In fact, if your not happy with our service, we will pay for a competitor to come out and service your home.
2. We also offer several different pest programs tailored to your needs.  We offer monthly visits, every other month service, quarterly service and even semi-annual service.
3. We offer customer discounts and bundling and offer solutions that help you lead a better life.
4. When you call our office, you will ALWAYS get a live human being and never a voice prompt or call center.
5. Our guarantee is unmatched even by the national companies, because we know how important our customers time is.
6. We do not believe in baiting for termites, because it just simply is not the best method for termite protection in Tennessee.
There are a lot of bug companies to choose from in the Nashville market. We want you to choose U.S. Pest, see why we are different and why Nashville homeowners choose U.S. Pest.