What is a Centipede – Centipedes are a unique kind of arthropod. For starters, they are one of only two arthropods with over 100 pairs of legs; this instantly puts them in a league of their own. If you take that and the fact that they are venomous, this sounds more like an extraterrestrial lifeform. Unfortunately, these creepy arthropods are more than real and can be found in your home. So, what exactly do these arthropod looks like? 


How to identify a centipede  

Centipedes can have anywhere between 30 and 354 legs. Depending on the size of the centipede, this will also affect how much their sting will hurt. Larger centipedes will inflict a more painful sting than smaller centipedes. Centipedes are best identified by their segmented bodies. Each segment contains one pair of legs. A general rule of thumb to differentiate them from millipedes is the speed with which they move. Centipedes are fast, whereas millipedes are slow. You can also note centipedes by the pair of antennae atop their head and their elongated mandibles. The primary method of identifying centipedes is the pair of forcipules, this is the first pair of legs just behind their heads. They also have an elongated worm-like flat body, which allows them to sneak into small crevices of your home. Now that you know what they look like, where can you find these creepy crawlers?  


Where do centipedes live?   

Centipedes are found in areas of high moisture, such as in rotting logs, under stones, in trash, or piles of leaves and grass. When they invade homes, centipedes are most commonly found in damp basements, crawlspaces, and bathrooms.  

Centipedes are carnivorous arthropods. Unless there is prey in your home, such as spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, and ants, they primarily will not come in. As mentioned before, centipedes prefer a moist environment. If your crawlspace has a lot of built-up moisture, this will be the perfect habitat for centipedes.   



What to do if you see a lot of centipedes within your home?  

If you are finding substantial amounts of centipedes within your home, you may have a potential infestation. Centipedes are dangerous pests to have in your home. As mentioned before, their venomous and their sting can cause anaphylactic shock. For small children, this venomous sting may be fatal. The best way to get rid of this pest is to call the professionals at U.S. Pest Protection. Our pest pros have years of on-the-job experience that allows them to find where the centipedes are entering the home and plug the hole. We also use a plethora of safe chemicals that will kill the centipedes within the home; without harming the occupants inside. 


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