How To Identify Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are very small, but they can still be seen by the naked eye. To many the bed bug is confused with the tick because they look very similar and are both blood sucking insects. At times they can be difficult to identify due to their natural hiding ability. They are non-nocturnal insects and prefer to be in the dark, so it’s hard to identify them if they are hiding while you are awake. They will come out when the room is dark, which means the occupants in the room are probably sleeping.

A lot of fear stems from bed bugs. We have created sayings before we go to sleep to keep them away. They spark a lot of uncertainty with many people because they are generally not seen, until it’s too late. Due to their expert hiding skills they have no problem traveling from furniture to furniture, because the public may not be up to date on this blood sucking insect. So, what should the public be on the lookout for regarding how to identify bed bugs?

Bed Bug Identification

Depending on the age and gender of the bed bug, they may appear to look slightly different. Below provides more identification information on bed bugs.

Adult Bed Bugs

Adult bed bugs have a flat oval brown body. They are 3/16-¼ inch in length.  Also, they may be slightly longer and fatter after a blood meal. They have a beak-like mouthpart that pierces the skin to allow them to feed.

Young Bed Bugs

Young bed bugs are called nymphs. They are very small, white to yellowish and almost clear if they haven’t had a blood meal. Eggs are white, very small and pinhead in size. After hatching, the nymph will molt in five stages of growth until it becomes an adult. Each molt requires a blood meal. This process could take four to five weeks under good conditions.

Female Bed Bugs

Bed bug identification is important when it comes to the females. A female bed bug could lay 200-500 eggs in her lifetime which could be three to six months or longer. They prefer humans but will feed on other mammals and birds. Bed bugs can go for months without a blood meal.


What Does A Bed Bug Bite Look Like?

it may be hard to determine that you have a bed bug bite. Furthermore, it is possible that other bites could be mistaken for bed bug bites. Similarly, mosquito and chigger bites may be mistaken for bed bug bites.

Bed bug bites could leave red marks on the skin. Individuals may have a mild to strong allergic reaction to the bite. Some people may have no reaction at all. A dead giveaway that your bite is a bed bug bite is that it will be in a line. Bed bugs will take their time getting the blood and will bite several times making a clump or a line in the process.

Bed Bug Services And Solutions

In conclusion, if you have a concern contact a professional pest control company. As a result, U.S. Pest Protection offers free inspections. Our pest professionals can help identify the problem at hand and find a solution that protects your home and family.