Types of Bed Bugs

There are only a few types of Bed Bugs in the group Hemiptera, which classifies the Bed Bug, True Bug, as well as the Bat Bug.  The main difference between the different bugs boils down to wings and hair.

The common Bed Bug does not have long hairs nor does it have wings.  The True Bug has wings but is primarily using its sucking mouthparts outside on aphids. The Bat Bug will often get mistaken for Bed Bugs but has long hairs and can sometimes be feeding on human hosts.

Bed Bugs are unlike any other pest a homeowner will encounter because the piercing sucking mouthparts are used to suck the blood out of the human host while they are sleeping or sitting. Bed Bugs have evolved and are well adapted eco-parasites because they use their glands in their heads to inject an anticoagulant into their hosts blood to keep the blood vessels dilated while feeding.

Bed Bugs can be found in homes, apartments, hotels, motels and any other segment of the hospitality and transportation industry such as airplanes, cars and buses.  Bed Bugs can also feed on your pets not just humans but all warm blooded animals. Some humans don’t have an allergic reaction to Bed Bugs but your pets might. That itching and scratching your pup is doing may not be fleas at all, but rather Bed Bugs.

Bed Bugs can become engorged on their host in as little as 20 minutes, so relying on sightings of the actual insect before going back into hiding doesn’t always work.







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