5 terrifying facts about rats – From Mickey Mouse to Tom and Jerry, mice have an incredible amount of positive PR on their side. But if you’ve ever had a mouse in your home or dealt with a rat infestation at a restaurant, then you know exactly how terrifying rats can be.

Now that we’re in the middle of winter, rats and rodents are scurrying inside homes and businesses to stay warm. In fact, rat infestations are known to peak during the winter months. If you’re not already shivering from the winter cold, here are some rat facts sure to send shivers up your spine:

1. Rats really can swim through your toilet.

Think snakes, rats, and rodents swimming through toilets into homes is an urban legend? Think again. Rats are incredibly good swimmers that use sewers as tunnels to get where they want. Some cities like Portland even have a “toilet rat season,” where heavy rains push rats into homes through the bathroom. Though we don’t deal with a similar “season” here in Middle Tennessee, toilet entries have been known to happen.

2. Two rats can have upwards of 6,000 babies in their lifetime.

Two rats are all it takes to start a rat infestation. This is why rat control is critical the moment you suspect a critter is in your building. Now just imagine the rat population once those babies start breeding at three months of age. And what happens once those babies start having their babies? As Nashville’s leading pest control company, we work diligently to safeguard properties from rat infestations.

3. Rats grow 5-½ inches worth of teeth a year.

Rats file down their teeth by gnawing on wood, bricks, cement, food, and the bones of animals they eat. Can you imagine how terrifying their teeth would be if they didn’t gnaw on everything in sight? If their teeth didn’t continuously grow, then they’d be toothless!

4. Rats are invisible.

Ok fine, rats aren’t literally invisible, but they are extremely difficult to catch. Consider the New Zealand homeowners that spent five months of their lives trying to catch a rat. Rat control on your own is difficult. Even if you use rat poison and have general knowledge about how to get rid of rats, it can feel like you’re being outsmarted – almost like Tom and Jerry. At U.S. Pest Protection, we utilize proven techniques and technologies to protect properties from rats and creepy critters.

5. Rats want your blood.

If you’re scared of sharks and vampires, then you should certainly be afraid of rats. They view you like they view any other living creature: as food. What’s even worse is that rats carry a host of diseases. Remember, these critters crawl into trash cans, alleyways, walls, sewers, and other dirty places. One bite could send you to the hospital.

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We don’t say all of these things to terrify you. Rather, it’s important to know the danger and nuisance that rats create. As Nashville’s leading commercial pest control company, we know how to keep your home, restaurant, warehouse, and office space clean of unwanted critters.

Contact us today to learn how to stop your rat infestation. We’ll make sure the only rats you see are the cartoons on your television!