5 Signs That Termites Are Terrorizing Your Home

Termites cause extreme amounts of destruction. According to the National Pest Association, termites are responsible for roughly $5 billion in damages every year in the U.S.

Most homeowner insurance policies fail to cover termite damage. These policies normally cover home damage that’s sudden or accidental. But termite damage can be mitigated through knowledge of the signs of termite damage and calling a termite control specialist early on.

Here are five signs that termites are terrorizing your home.

1. Wood Structures Around Your Home Sound Hollow

Tap on the wooden surface that you suspect is under termite attack.

Do you hear a hollow sound? If you do, then it’s safe to say that you’re wood is being devoured by these tiny, yet dangerous insects.

Termites thrive in environments that are dark and humid, meaning they will start feeding on the interior of wooden structures, not the surface. The wood on the surface will look pristine, but when you tap on it, it will sound hollow.

2. You Spot Swarmers

Termites that are in their reproductive stage are called swarmers. They swarm to create new colonies.

Subterranean termites usually swarm in the springtime, whereas drywood termite swarms are less predictable. If you see a swarm of insects around light fixtures or iridescent insect wings lying around your home, it’s time to consider calling in a termite control specialist.

3. Cracked or Rippled Paint on Wood Surfaces

Termites can enter even the most minute opening on a wood surface, leaving bumps or ripples under the paint. So, make sure that you seal any cracks or openings on the walls as well as other wood surfaces to avoid infestation.

4. You See Mud Tubes on the Walls

Termites create mud tubes to keep themselves moist while they’re foraging for food. Normally, they will start building these tubes in the damp wood that’s normally found in basements or in the foundation of your home.

Keep all discarded materials that they can use for making these mud tubes such as mulch, decaying leaves or wood chips away from your home, so you don’t create environments where termites like to thrive.

5. You Find Frass Lying Around Your home

While they devour your wood, drywood termites leave behind brown droppings called frass. These droppings look like small wood pellets and are six-sided.

Normally when you see frass your house is already at an advanced stage of infestation. You will need the help of a qualified pest control specialist to advise you on containment and treatment.

Protect Your Home From the Damage Caused by Termites

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Termites target your biggest investment, your home. Don’t let them get away with it!

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