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Old Hickory Pest Control Services and Solutions

Named in honor of President Andrew Jackson’s nickname, Old Hickory, TN, is an historic neighborhood of metropolitan Nashville. Located in the Hadley Bend section of eastern Davidson County, Old Hickory is well-known for being a former company town due to its large DuPont factory. In fact, many of the historic homes in Old Hickory were built to house DuPont employees and supervisors in the early days of the factory. Today, residents have access to plenty of local attractions, such as the Old Hickory Country Club, Hermitage Golf Course, and Sam’s Sports Grill on Blue Turtle Bay. 

With close proximity to the natural ecosystems of Cumberland River and Old Hickory Lake, this Tennessee neighborhood is no stranger to insects and wildlife. From bed bugs burrowing in your bungalow to ants crawling about your kitchen countertops, pests are constantly on the move as they search for shelter and food sources in local buildings. Fortunately, that’s where U.S. Pest Protection comes in. Our selection of professional residential and commercial pest control services can help you put pests where they belong: out in the wild.

Residential Pest Control Services in Old Hickory

Pests in Old Hickory have no preferences, which means they can infest your home no matter how clean you keep it. Worse, DIY pest control solutions are rarely effective, as pests will stop at nothing to find a safe and nutrient-rich habitat. If pests are still finding their way into your home despite your best efforts, U.S. Pest Protection’s residential pest control services are ready to be deployed. Whether you have a one-off infestation or regular invaders, we can eliminate pests swiftly and prevent their return. Also, we offer monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly preventative pest control in Old Hickory to ward off pests actively for as long as you need.

Our residential pest control treatments in Old Hickory can eliminate and protect against:

Old Hickory Commercial Pest Control Services

Whether you run a small business, local restaurant, or commercial enterprise, pest infestations can put your livelihood or reputation in Old Hickory at risk. Thankfully, U.S. Pest Protection’s selection of commercial pest control services can protect your customers, employees, and property from harmful or damaging pests. Whether you’re dealing with a pest infestation now or you want to safeguard your business from future pest problems, we have the experience and tools necessary to take out insects and wildlife quickly and discreetly.

Our selection of commercial pest control solutions in Old Hickory provide protection for buildings including:

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