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us-pest-kingston-springs-tnKingston Springs, TN is a charismatic rural river town, located 20 miles from Nashville, TN. Kingston Springs is easily accessible via Interstate 40 and State Route 70, both which run through the jurisdictional limits of the town.

Although Kingston Springs, TN is a rural community, almost all of its residents use high-speed internet through the local telecommunications providers, AT&T and Comcast.

Residential & tourism

First of all, many residents of Kingston Springs enjoy spending time at Harpeth River State Park, a linear park that manages nine river access sites along 40 river miles. Due to the park’s historic background, this is a highly sought after place to visit. Sites include several natural, archaeological and historic regions such as Mound Bottom State Archaeological Area, an ancient Native American mound center that dates to the Mississippian period (ca. 1000–1350 CE).

In addition, tourism is a major economic driver in Kingston Springs, TN. The town enjoys nearby canoe and zip-lining facilities, such as Old Forest Adventure Works.

Most noteworthy, the Kingston area is renowned for its ecological conservancy, the variety of species, and natural beauty. To add, many of the residents of Kingston Springs have chosen to live in the community for its wooded and natural resources. As a result, property values have gone up resulting in a movement to furthermore protect valuable properties.


Pest Solutions

Finally, don’t let pests get in the way of you having a weekend of outdoor fun in Kingston Springs, TN. With U.S. Pest, you won’t have to spend your time worrying about them. We offer the best pest control and termite protection services in Middle Tennessee.

Whether getting rid of the occasional mouse or an infestation of brown recluse spiders, we’ve got you covered! Furthermore, you can trust we will get your home or business free from ants, termites, fleas, roaches and bed bugs.

Also, we also have mosquito, flea and tick control treatments for all those woody areas surrounding Kingston Springs, TN.



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