Hendersonville Tick Treatment


Hendersonville Tick Treatment


What you need to know about ticks in Hendersonville

Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Family And Pets Tick Free And Safe:


1) Know your ticks.

Was it an American Dog Tick that bit you, a Lone Star Tick, a Black-legged Tick or a Brown Dog Tick? It matters! Each species of ticks is host to different diseases including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  Knowing the life stage of the ticks is also important. Is it a larvae, nymph, male or female adult also helps you to determine how risky that tick is. Larvae of all species are generally pathogen-free, but the adults carry much more risk of transmitting a disease because they have had time to become infected while feeding on deer and rodents. Male ticks don’t feed on hosts so they rarely transmit diseases.



The American dog tick gets its common name from the fact it is only found in North America and it’s preferred hose is the domestic dog.

– – – – –


The brown dog tick gets its common name from it’s reddish brown color and for being commonly found on dogs.

– – – – –


The lone star tick gets it name from the single silvery spot on the back of the females. They will readily attack humans.

– – – – –


The black-legged tick gets its common name from its dark legs that on in contrast to its lighter paler orange brown color. These are becoming more common in the region when compared to the past.


2) Get in the habit of performing tick checks

Frequent tick checks are important because the longer a tick feeds the higher the risk of transmitting diseases. Make a habit of checking for ticks while you do other normal daily activities such as showering or changing clothes. Look especially hard behind the knees, under your arms and even in your belly buttons. If you find an attached tick, remove it with tweezers and consider saving it to be tested for diseases in case you start filling sick.


3) Consider treating your shoes with a tick repelling permethrin regularly.

Permethrin is the most effective tick repellant and it can be safely applied to clothing.  Treat your kids camp clothing, yard work clothes or hiking material before you head out to hike or walk in the woods.  The tiny ticks won’t crawl up your shoes if they are treated before you head out.


4) Get your yard treated for Mosquitos, Fleas and Ticks.

U.S. Pest applies residual products to maintained areas to gain control of larva, nymphs and adult ticks while being conscious of our environment.  Most noteworthy, U.S. Pest safe and effective insecticides are delivered by means of hand-held application equipment, such as a spreader or backpack sprayer as well as liquid application equipment.


5) Keep Your Pets Protected

Many people think they simply need to apply tick treatments to their pets during warm months.  The truth is ticks are active all winter long.  Make sure you are using preventative tick treatments on your yard as well as on your pet from your vet.



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