Common Termite Terminology for Tennessee Homeowners

If you’re dealing with termites in your Tennessee home, you’ve got a lot of information being thrown at you. From termite bonds to WDI reports and beyond, understanding termite terminology can feel like learning another language.

Thankfully, U.S. Pest Protection can help. Whether you want to learn more about the guarantees behind our team’s termite treatments or you’re interested in what our processes look like, you can find the termite-related information you need down below. Need answers quickly? Contact our friendly professionals today!

How does U.S. Pest Protection treat for termites?

When you trust U.S. Pest Protection to shield your home and family from termites, you can rely on our dedicated professionals and quality pest control solutions. We’re proud to protect homes throughout the Nashville metropolitan area with Termidor, one of the leading termite control products available. This liquid barrier treatment prevents termites from invading your property all-year-long.

What is a termite bond?

A termite bond is a type of warranty that safeguards your home against the possibility of a returning termite infestation. Your U.S. Pest Protection termite bond is a guarantee that we will retreat and repair your home in the event that termites manage to re-invade. 

Does a termite bond cover damage?

Your termite bond’s coverage depends on the type of bond you choose. We offer the following types of termite bonds:

  • Termite Lifetime Repair Guarantee
  • Termite Lifetime Control Guarantee
  • Wood Destroying Fungi Lifetime Control Guarantee

Termite Lifetime Repair Guarantee

When you choose a Lifetime Repair Guarantee (minimum $249 annual renewal investment) we will, at no extra cost to you, make repairs to the structure and contents to remedy any new damage caused by eastern subterranean termites, provided that said new damage was caused by eastern subterranean termites after the date of initial treatment and at the time of discovery of the new damaged areas.

U.S. Pest Protection will be responsible for such repairs only when made with our approval and under our supervision and control. Our team’s liability for such repairs shall in no event exceed $100,000 aggregate loss and is limited to structural and contents damage.

Termite Lifetime Control Guarantee

Our Lifetime Control Guarantee, available with a minimum $198 annual renewal investment, includes free, additional treatment that is reasonably necessary to your home if a live eastern subterranean termite infestation is found during the period of the guarantee. 

Lifetime Control Guarantee buyers understand that U.S. Pest Protection’s liability under this guarantee is limited to retreatment only, and in no way, implied or otherwise, is responsible for damages or repairs to the structure or contents.

Wood Destroying Fungi Lifetime Control Guarantee

A Wood Destroying Fungi Lifetime Control Guarantee from U.S. Pest Protection, available with a minimum $120 annual renewal investment, includes the application of chemical treatment to the understructure of the premises and/or a moisture barrier on the ground area of the crawl space.  

We will issue a control guarantee which will, at no extra cost, provide for such additional treatment of the treated areas and/or replacement of portions of the moisture barrier as are necessary to prevent recurrence of moisture, fungus, or decay during the period the guarantee is in force. 

Buyers of this guarantee understand U.S. Pest Protection’s liability under this agreement is limited to retreatment only, and in no way, implied or otherwise, is responsible for damages or repairs to the structure or contents.

What’s the difference between a termite letter and bond?

Unlike a termite bond, which acts as a guarantee between homeowners and pest control service providers, a termite letter acts more like a WDI report that focuses on termites, rather than all forms of wood destroying insects.

What is a WDI report?

After a pest control professional thoroughly inspects your Tennessee property for wood destroying insects, they’ll provide you with a WDI report that entails all of their findings. Many states, including Tennessee, require a WDI report when you sell your home.

Termite Guarantees from U.S. Pest Protection

Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or you want to safeguard your home against unwanted invaders, U.S. Pest Protection can give you the peace of mind you deserve with our range of termite and wood destroying insect guarantees. Talk to our team of pest control professionals and discover your termite pest control options today.


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