Prevention Tips for Sow Bugs in Tennessee

Sow bugs—which closely resemble pill bugs—aren’t harmful to people. They’re also not known to cause extensive property damage inside homes. They generally live outdoors in wet or very damp areas, such as under rocks and wood.

If you see sow bugs in your home, they have likely entered at ground level or via the basement or crawl space. Because they only survive in moist areas, these occasional invaders can help identify other issues in your home, such as moisture damage from leaks or excessive clutter.

How to Keep Sow Bugs Out

Preventing sow bugs from taking up residence in your home is simple. Seal all cracks, crevices, or gaps in the foundation and around vents, doors, and windows. Shut doors and windows, especially close to the ground. Pay attention to any leaks or moisture issues that stem from cracks in the foundation or leaking pipes. Good soil grading at the foundation level can keep water flowing away from your home.

Regularly clean and keep your property and basement free of clutter, especially if it can get wet. Wet piles of leaves, wood, and other organic matter are perfect places for sow bugs to hide. When all else fails, external chemical control can help keep them out; just be careful to read the instructions or leave it to a professional.

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