How to Get Rid of Pill Bugs in Tennessee

If you’ve got pill bugs infiltrating your home or business at a high rate, there’s likely a large population of pill bugs just outside the structure. Pill bugs don’t carry disease, nor do they bite or have any sort of venom. However, as the only crustacean suited for permanent life on land, a collection of pill pugs waiting for you isn’t a fun surprise. Here’s what steps you ought to take to get rid of them.

Moisture is Their Friend, Not Yours

Pill bugs don’t survive without plenty of moisture. As a result, you’re equally likely to find a dead pill bug as a live one indoors, where there is limited moisture. Pill bugs can be found in damp, dark places away from the sun, such as under firewood, where they stay during the day to prevent moisture loss. 

To get rid of pill bugs from your lawn, cut down on the amount of places they can shelter and gather moisture. Remove your class clippings and piles of leaves as soon as you can. If you’re storing any firewood, do so away from your home or business, and store it on a shelf or rack above the ground. Pill bugs are scavengers and eat decaying leaves, wood, and the like—so keeping an eye on your mulch is a good idea, too.

Additionally, try to keep standing water at a minimum around your property. Make sure your gutters are cleaned and that any sprinkler systems evenly distribute water to your lawn. 

Use Your Vacuum 

How do you get rid of pill bugs that have entered your home? It’s simple: use a vacuum cleaner. Pill bugs are very small and won’t damage it, so don’t worry at all about using your vacuum cleaner if you see a congregation of pill bugs. 

U.S. Pest Protection can Tackle Your Ladybug Problem

A pest doesn’t have to be dangerous for it to be a nuisance. Pill bugs aren’t dangerous, but they absolutely can be a nuisance. When you’re tired of using your vacuum yet again to clean up pill bugs from your basement, contact your friendly experts at U.S. Pest Protection. We have the experience that truly matters in evicting nuisance pests from your property and keeping them out. Our Tennessee pest control is an efficient and affordable option. Give us a call and schedule a  free inspection today!






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