Pest Identification: Woodlouse

A common crustacean that lives on the land, the woodlouse gets its name from its common hiding place, old wood. In addition to the standard name, woodlice are also known by a variety of common names depending on what part of the world they’re found. While not dangerous, woodlice can multiply quickly and invade homes in search of moisture. In fact, seeing a number of woodlice in your home is a pretty good indicator of an even bigger problem inside your home.

Learn how to identify these unpleasant, if harmless invaders. At U.S. Pest Protection, we pride ourselves on controlling pest populations in and around your Nashville, TN, home or business—including woodlice.

How to Identify a Woodlouse

Woodlice can take on a variety of forms, but they share the common characteristics of segmented bodies, seven pairs of jointed legs, and special appendages built for respiration. Their shell-like exoskeletons are continually molted as they grow in a series of stages that can take up to three or four days to occur.

In many cases, woodlice known as pill bugs resemble pill millipedes, but they are not as smooth.

Where to Find Woodlice

Woodlice require moisture due to a rapid loss of water via excretion. They are regularly found in damp, dark places. Common homes for the woodlouse include under rocks and logs. These mostly nocturnal pests feed on plant matter, making them a common sight in gardens.

Woodlice aren’t confined to the outdoors, however, especially if there’s little moisture to be found outside. If you have damp, dark areas in your home—such as a crawlspace, basement, or gaps in the foundation—woodlice can make their way into your home in search of moisture. They are not dangerous pests, but you can view them as a bellwether of other potential problems in your home, including structural damage.

Fix your Woodlouse Problem Today

If woodlice are overrunning your home and scuttling underfoot, contact the pest professionals at U.S. Pest Protection. Our expert technicians will perform a free inspection in and around your home. If we find increased woodlouse activity, we’ll form a plan to deal with them. In addition, we’ll explore the conditions that have led to your infestation (and might encourage other, more harmful pests to take up residence).

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