Pest Identification: Old House Borers in Tennessee

They may not be as well-known as termites or carpenter ants, but old house borers can cause just as much damage to homes and businesses throughout Tennessee. They lay their eggs in the cracks and crevices of lumber, and once they hatch, they feed on and bore through the wood until it’s time to emerge as fully grown pests.

Naturally, the presence of these unwelcome invaders can spell disaster for residents and business owners. From weakening wooden structures to destroying the appearance of your property, it’s crucial to stop an old house borer infestation before it begins.

Learn how to spot old house borers below with helpful tips from U.S. Pest Protection, or schedule a free inspection with our team today.

What do old house borers look like?

Old house borers have a very distinctive appearance. They are roughly 20 to 25 millimeters in length, with black, shiny bodies and wing covers. Additionally, they have a fine, white layer of hair all over their bodies. As members of the long-horned beetle insect family, old house borers also have long, black, segmented antennae. 

If you’ve found adult old house borers beetles inside your home or business, bring in pest professionals immediately. Because adults typically lay their eggs in lumber yards, the pest you’ve discovered has likely been hiding in wood somewhere around your property.

How do old house borer infestations happen?

No amount of routine cleaning, proper food storage, or home maintenance can prevent old house borers from invading. In fact, your home may already be infested. Despite their name, old house borers are often found in newer homes, as they lay their eggs in the unfinished wood and general lumber used to construct homes. 

The infested wood is then taken to be used in home and business construction, where the eggs mature into wood-chomping larvae before digging exit holes out into your living space or work place.

Keep Your Tennessee Property Old House Borer-Free with U.S. Pest

Whether you’re a new home owner or you’re in the process of selling your home, U.S. Pest Protection will gladly answer any questions you may have about potential old house borer infestations. Once we’ve assessed your old house borer issue, our professionals can move forward with you to create a customized, targeted pest solution.

Don’t let old house borers become your unwelcome roommates. For pest-free living in Tennessee, schedule your free inspection with U.S. Pest Protection today.

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