Pest Identification: Carpenter Bees in Tennessee


As insects that pollinate a variety of plants and flowers, bees are generally beneficial to have in your yard or garden. However, there’s a certain species that causes issues for Tennessee residents and business owners: carpenter bees.

At a glance, carpenter bees resemble bumblebees. However, unlike their bumbling relatives, carpenter bees drill holes into wood to lay their eggs, causing frustrating property damage for people throughout Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Safeguard your home or business from wood-damaging carpenter bees—learn more about these buzzing insects below, or contact U.S. Pest Protection to discover how our effective pest control and prevention solutions can help.

Carpenter Bee Characteristics

Similar to bumblebees, carpenter bees have large, thick bodies measuring 12.5 to 25 millimeters long. While bumble bees have entirely fuzzy bodies, carpenter bees have black, shiny abodmens, with yellow, hairy throaxes.

It rarely happens, but female carpenter bees are capable of stinging when they feel threatened. If you’re not certain what kind of bee species you’ve discovered on your property, schedule a free inspection with U.S. Pest Protection. Our professionals can safely and accurately identify your pest.

Where to Find Carpenter Bees

Typically, carpenter bees drill into trees to create their nests. In residential areas, however, they’re often drawn to the soft wood used for decks, patios, and eaves or siding of homes. Common types of wood that may attract carpenter bees include pine, cedarwood, cypress, and redwood.

Once carpenter bees have chosen a wooden structure to call home, they use their mandibles to chew into it. Their tunnels are often several feet long and have chambers to store eggs. Carpenter bee holes are neat, round holes that are roughly ¼ of an inch wide in diameter.

How U.S. Pest Protection Prevent Carpenter Bees

It can be frustrating to find carpenter bee damage around your home or business. Nevertheless, these wood-drilling insects are important pollinators for flowers, crops, and other plants throughout Tennessee. That’s why you should always trust professionals to get rid of them humanely.

At U.S. Pest Protection, we’re proud to offer pest solutions that are both effective and bee-friendly. Rather than use harmful pesticides, we’ll inspect your property, assess the situation, and create an exclusion and prevention plan that’s safe for you and the carpenter bees.

Keep Your Property Carpenter Bee-Free with U.S. Pest Protection

Safeguard the appearance of your Tennessee home or business without harming these important pollinators. If carpenter bees have dug their way into your space, you can rely on U.S. Pest Protection’s team of pest control experts. Schedule your free inspection and discover how we can solve your carpenter bee issue today!

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