Wood Decay Pest Solutions in Tennessee

As if having wood decay in your home weren’t enough frustration, the soft, crumbling wood texture created by this fungus often draws wood-munching pests, such as termites and carpenter ants. Discover how to keep these pests away from your home with solutions from U.S. Pest Protection.

Eliminate Moisture in Your Home

While termites devour it for its cellulose and carpenter ants use it for tunneling, both these pests are drawn to the damp, wood decay-infested wood in your home. To dry out the wood in your home, it’s crucial to control moisture levels in certain areas, such as your basement or attic.

You can use a variety of ways to keep your home dry, such as a dehumidifier, proper ventilation, or insulating your HVAC ducts. In addition to keeping out termites and carpenter ants, maintaining a low moisture level will stop or slow down any wood decay you may have.

There’s another source of moisture that could be contributing to wood decay and pests: mulch. In addition to being rich in cellulose, which wood decay and termites both feed on, mulch can retain moisture for extended periods of time. Store mulch far from your house if possible.

Trim Branches on Your Property

Another step you can take to keep away pests is to trim the branches near your roof. Carpenter ants and termites often use these overgrown branches as bridges onto—and eventually into—your home. By trimming the branches, you can limit pests’ ability to get into your home.

Additionally, trimming branches will let sunlight dry up any water-soaked areas near your foundation that may draw pests or contribute to wood decay. Be sure to move large plants away from your home, as well, as they can retain water that attracts pests.

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No matter what kind of pest the wood decay in your home attracts, U.S. Pest Protection has the experts, tools, and skills to safeguard your home and get rid of wood decay. Whether you’ve found wood decay pests or suspect your wood is infected, we offer a free inspection and estimate for all your pest concerns. Schedule your free inspection today!






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