Types of Moisture Sources in Your Home

Even if you constantly clean your home, there’s another force putting it at risk of developing a fungus infestation: moisture. While moisture is not necessarily a bad thing, too much of it can make your home a fungus breeding ground. U.S. Pest Protection has put together a list of moisture sources that could be responsible for fungi in your living space.

Poorly Ventilated Rooms

Moisture thrives in areas with little to no air flow. Without movement, water droplets are more likely to stay in the air and not dry up. A lack of air flow also leaves to warmer temperatures. This combination of humid air and warm temperatures leads to a moist environment that’s perfect for fungi. 

Without proper ventilation, bathrooms and basements are especially prone to becoming fungi-feeding sources of moisture. Discover how to keep moisture out of your home.

Water in Your Home

In addition to water droplets in poorly ventilated rooms, liquid water can turn various areas and items in your home into sources of moisture. The main moisture-holding culprits include:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Dripping HVAC ducts
  • Wet carpet and concrete

Leaking Pipes and Dripping HVAC Ducts

While your home’s overall humidity may be low, moisture could be sneaking in through leaking pipes and dripping HVAC ducts. Check under your sinks and in your basement for dripping or pooled water. If you find signs of water, take steps to keep your pipes dry in order to prevent moisture and fungi.

It’s not uncommon for HVAC ducts in our warm, humid state to develop dripping condensation. However, the water dripping from your HVAC duct can help health-threatening fungi form and infect the air in your home. 

Wet Carpets and Concrete

Even if your carpet appears dry on the surface, it would be holding moisture-producing water in its padding. If your carpets retain water for too long, they could become breeding grounds for fungi. 

Additionally concrete walls and floors can also hold onto moisture for extended periods of time. While you can remove water damaged carpet, getting rid of moisture and fungi on concrete can be difficult and expensive. Prevent moisture on concrete with tips from U.S. Pest Protection.

Keep Your Home Moisture-Free with U.S. Pest Protection

If you suspect there may be too much moisture in your home, U.S. Pest Protection can help. We’ll inspect your home for signs of humidity and take steps to get rid of and prevent developing moisture sources. Protect your home from moisture and schedule your free U.S. Pest Protection moisture inspect today!






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