Moisture Pest Solutions in Tennessee

Aside from helping fungi grow, moisture can draw a variety of pests into your home. Discover effective solutions for getting rid of pests attracted to moisture with U.S Pest Protection.

Keep Away Silverfish with a Dehumidifier

Silverfish are small, shiny insects that creep in the dark, moist areas of your home in search of food. While there are many ways to get rid of silverfish, a key aspect about these pests is that they can’t survive in a dry environment. Before attempting other solutions, be sure to keep moisture out of your living space. 

An excellent solution for drying out your home is a dehumidifier. Place your dehumidifier in areas that silverfish are commonly drawn to, such as bathrooms and basements. Without the proper moisture level, silverfish will think twice about invading your home.

Clean Up Any Standing Water to Avoid Cockroaches

The smallest puddle of standing water can attract moisture-seeking cockroaches. Many cockroach species, such as the German cockroach, depend on humans for food and water resources. Leaking pipes or faucets could create cockroach-friendly moisture in your home. If you find leaks in your home, seal them or contact a plumber to prevent cockroaches from invading.

Additionally, condensation in HVAC ducts and vents could draw cockroaches. Improve your HVAC’s insulation, or check the condensation line to see if it’s clogged. Even if your HVAC is dry, cockroaches could use it as an entrance into your home. Contact U.S. Pest Protection  to learn how to cockroach-proof your vents today.

Seal Cracks to Prevent Centipedes

The slightest crack in your door, window sill, or wall could let in moisture. Wherever moisture goes, centipedes are sure to follow. In addition to their unpleasant appearance, centipedes can deliver a painful bite if provoked. If cracks are letting moisture into your home, you can certainly expect the arrival of centipedes.

Protect your home from moisture and centipedes by sealing cracks in your home’s interior and exterior. No matter how many cracks you seal, however, there may be some in places you didn’t think to check. Bring in the professionals from U.S. Pest Protection to check for cracks and signs of moisture.

Trust U.S. Pest Protection to Keep Away Moisture-Seeking Pests

When it comes to keeping moisture and pests away, it’s always wise to bring in the experts. U.S. Pest Protection specializes in effective pest and moisture control solutions throughout Tennessee. 

Whether you suspect moisture is getting into your home or you’ve already found moisture-loving pests, our experts can take care of both. Get a free estimate for moisture and pest control today!






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