How to Get Rid of Wood Decay in Tennessee

In addition to being an unpleasant sight, wood decay is also a danger to your home’s structural integrity. If you’ve found any form of wood decay in your home, it’s best to bring in professionals to deal with it. 

While it may be possible to salvage wood with minor wood decay, attempting to remove wood decay-infested wood by yourself may result in expensive damage to your home or injuries caused by unstable wooden structures. 

For short-term solutions until you can bring in experts, try these tips from U.S. Pest Protection for getting rid of wood decay.

Use a Borate Treatment

Sodium borate, or borax, is excellent for getting rid of or slowing down wood decay. You can purchase a pre-made borate solution or mix borax into water to create your own. Apply your pre-made or DIY solution to the infected wood to kill the wood decay fungi. Remember to wear protective gear, as borax is toxic and should not be inhaled or ingested.

While sodium borate may help your wood decay infestation, the fungus may go deeper than the mixture can reach. Contact U.S. Pest Protection for professional methods and tools to test the severity of the wood decay in your home. 

Strengthen Damaged Wood with Epoxy

Wood decay often destroys wood’s structural integrity to the point that it needs to be replaced. If you catch wood decay early enough, however, there is a way you can salvage your wood’s strength: epoxy. 

First, scrape out all the damaged wood. Once you’ve gotten rid of the wood decay, fill in the damaged part with epoxy. When this filler dries, it hardens and becomes even stronger than the wood. 

Strengthening your damaged wood with epoxy should only be a short-term solution until professionals can help, as the wood decay damage may go deeper than you are able to check. Bring in professionals to assess the damage and danger wood decay may have caused to your home.

Trust U.S. Pest Protection to Get Rid of Wood Decay

When it comes to wood decay, don’t take risks with do-it-yourself solutions. Bring in the experts from U.S. Pest Protection to safeguard your home and family from wood decay damage. We specialize in effective wood decay control solutions throughout Tennessee. 

Whether you suspect wood decay growing in your home or you’ve already discovered infested wood in your attic or basement, we offer excellent preventative measures and removal services. Get a free estimate for wood decay today!






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