Pest Identification: Brown Rot

Brown rot—a type of wood-destroying fungus—damages more wood in the United States per year than other sources of harm, including fires. Sometimes referred to (incorrectly) as “dry rot,” brown rot fungus leaves wood in a crumbly condition. Brown-rot fungus can quickly spread when it takes root in trees or other wooden surfaces.

If you’ve noticed signs of brown rot in the trees around your home or in other wooden structures inside the house, taking action to eliminate it is important. In addition to structural damage that brown-rot fungus causes, the moisture necessary for it to grow may serve as an invitation for other pests to take up residence in and around your home.

At U.S. Pest Protection, our professional technicians will examine your Nashville, TN, home and the area around it for any signs of brown rot. If we find it, we’ll work to determine an appropriate solution. In addition, we’ll point out conditions that could lead to future recurrences of the problem. To get started, schedule your free inspection with one of our expert technicians today.

Signs of Brown Rot

How do you know you have brown rot? In addition to the dry flaking and cubical cracks in the wood, you’ll notice a brown discoloration on its surface. The wood may also shrink where brown rot has affected it. Brown-rot fungi breaks down hemicellulose and produces hydrogen peroxide, which then acts to break down the cellulose in the wood. Hydrogen peroxide is a small molecule that can diffuse rapidly throughout the wood. This may lead to greater decay than is immediately noticeable.

Of course, the most noticeable sign of brown-rot fungi are its blooms. If you see mushroom-like fruit growing out of the sides of tree limbs or wooden structures, you have a problem.

Because fungus requires an area to be damp to grow, you’ll also want to check for signs of moisture damage in any structure where brown-rot fungus appears. In many cases, moisture damage invites other pests into your home and creates conditions that are favorable for an infestation to grow.

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If you’ve noticed brown-rot fungi in or around your home, the best way to treat it is to contact U.S. Pest Protection for a free inspection. Our technicians will check your home and conclusively determine the presence of brown-rot fungus. If fungi are found, we will tailor a treatment plan to your needs. In addition to providing the appropriate solution for your brown rot problem, we’ll also examine for signs of other pest activity and prescribe treatments for those. To get started, contact us today.

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