Pest Identification: Weevils in Tennessee

Despite their unusual name, weevils are fairly common pests in Tennessee. Whether they’re damaging your farm’s crops or contaminating dry goods in your kitchen pantry, they can become a serious nuisance for homes and businesses throughout the Volunteer State. 

Don’t let your food storage or plants become buffets for weevils. Learn how to identify these frustrating invaders below, or contact U.S. Pest Protection today for effective commercial and residential pest solutions.

Characteristics of Weevils

Weevils are actually considered beetles. Common types include rice weevils, pecan weevils, and boll weevils. While there are many species found in Tennessee, they have several common traits, including:

  • Slim, oval-shaped bodies
  • Elongated heads with snouts
  • Reddish-brown to black in color

Additionally, some weevils are capable of flying, which allows them to infest a variety of areas more easily. Certain species even have snouts that are the length of their bodies. Not sure what kind of weevil has infested your property? Contact U.S. Pest Protection’s team of experts.

Where to Find Weevils

As indoor and outdoor pests, weevils can be found in plenty of places. They often invade homes by hiding in packaged foods as eggs or larvae. Some common areas to check for these unwelcome visitors in your home include kitchen countertops and pantries.

Whether you operate a farm or gardening is your weekend hobby, weevils can easily destroy all of your hard work. Fields, orchards, and gardens are all potential targets. Additionally, weevils’ eggs are extremely difficult to spot, which means you won’t realize you have an infestation until it’s too late.

Are weevils dangerous? 

While they don’t carry diseases, they can contaminate food storage with their waste and skin they shed. If they invade your orchard or fields, they can feed on and destroy a variety of crops, including wheat, cotton, and more. 

Be proactive in preventing weevils, and schedule a free inspection with U.S. Pest Protections’ team of pest experts today.

Let U.S. Pest Protection Weed out Weevils 

Whether you suspect you’ve got weevils in your pantry or you have a full-blown infestation on your farm, U.S. Pest Protection has got you covered. We offer targeted, effective weevil control and prevention solutions across the Nashville metropolitan area and surrounding communities. 

While other pest control providers only offer band-aid solutions for your weevil problem, our team is committed to rooting it out at the source. After conducting a free inspection, our experts will offer a management solution to help you stay weevil-free. 

Protect your food storage or crops from weevils’ appetite, and schedule your free inspection today!

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