How to Get Rid of Ticks

If you’ve ever come across a tick in Tennessee, chances are you’ve probably seen a deer tick, American dog tick, and lone star tick. These ticks are responsible for transmitting tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, tularemia, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. To keep from taking these pests home with you, use a bug spray that contains deet or a natural bug spray that contains citronella. Keeping your arms and legs covered and tucking your pants into your socks can keep you from becoming a tick’s host. When ticks are lurking in your yard, though, it can be hard to enjoy your time outside when you constantly have to inspect yourself for a feeding tick.

Natural Tick Prevention in Tennessee

When you’re out in the woods or tall grassy fields, there are plenty of places for ticks to hide. In addition, ticks also use tall grass and brush to climb to higher points where there is more mammalian traffic so they can hitch a ride on a potential host. If you want to reduce the ticks in your yard, you have to remove their natural habitat, including keeping grass cut short, trimming back hedges and brush, and utilizing wooden barriers to keep pathways from becoming overgrown. 

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When landscape management isn’t enough to keep ticks out of your lawn, an outside preventative treatment is another effective method to keep these pests way before they can make a host of your friends, family, or pets. Executing a treatment plan in the early spring on the boundary of wooded areas and property lines can help target young ticks following the overwintering period.

Getting your home treated for other warm-blooded pests like mice and rats can also help keep tick populations low. Because ticks rely on their hosts to travel long distances, these blood suckers will often find their way inside by piggybacking on rats and mice.

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