Pest Identification: American Dog Ticks (Wood Ticks) in Tennessee

The American dog tick is typically found throughout the southeastern region, including Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina. They get their name from their preference to feed off of domestic dogs over humans. They are also only found in North American, hence the “American” dog tick. Dog ticks are commonly found in wooded areas, which is why they are also nicknamed the wood tick. You can identify dog ticks by their:

  • Color: Brown with white markings
  • Shape: Oval and flat
  • Legs: Between six to eight

Diseases Carried by Dog Ticks 

Dog ticks are known to spread a well-known disease called the Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a bacterial disease that is caused by the bite of an infected tick. Once bitten, symptoms may take several days to appear. Symptoms include fever, headache, and a rash. If not treated properly, Rocky Mountain spotted fever can be deadly.

What To Do When You Spot a Dog Tick

There are many ways to prevent dog ticks from coming in or around your home. If it’s too late for prevention and you spot a dog tick, don’t worry. Our technicians at U.S. Pest Protection are trained to identify and manage deer ticks in your home. Not sure if what you’ve spotted is a tick? Sign up for your free pest inspection, and our technicians will be glad to help.

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