Types of Bees in Tennessee

Nearly 4,000 species of bees are native to the United States, but some of the most common ones you may encounter in the world or near your home are the bumblebee, the European honeybee, and the carpenter bee. Both the bumblebee and the honeybee are valuable pollinators and play an important part in the health of our gardens and crops.


Bumblebees are large and fuzzy and appear to buzz around the flowers outside your home lazily. They usually have black and yellow hairs on their bodies that extend down the length of their abdomen. They are not typically aggressive but can be social insects who will fight to defend a nest or hive. Most bumblebee stings occur when people accidentally step on them or otherwise disturb their activities. They do not have a barbed stinger, so they can actually sting multiple times and do not die after a sting.

Honey Bees

The European honey bee is an important pollinator of food crops across the country. These bees are social, like bumblebees, and have largely been domesticated for the purposes of producing honey.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees resemble bumblebees in coloration and fuzziness, but their yellow striping stops just before the abdomen. Carpenter bees rarely string and do not work together to protect a nest. They can, however, cause wood damage by creating tunnels throughout time. If you see carpenter bees buzzing around, check exterior wood structures such as decks and stairs for an infestation.

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If you notice a few bees around your home, you may not have a problem, but for those allergic to stinging insects and their venom, bees can be a dangerous and unwanted pest. For help identifying bees or other insects, contact U.S. Pest Protection today to schedule a free inspection.






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