How to Prevent Hornets from Nesting Near Your Home

It is a big pain to get rid of hornets that are already entrenched in or near your property—and it can be dangerous, too. Why not make sure you don’t get a hornet problem in the first place? These tips can help you stop a hornet’s nest from being built in your attic or behind your home before it can even happen.

Put Away Uncovered Food

Hornets are mostly carnivorous and eat a wide variety of insects. Many of these insects are drawn to food such as grains, fruit, and vegetables and infiltrate your home or business to get their next meal. Naturally, hornets hunt for their prey, and if they find some tasty insects in or around your property they will be more apt to return.

Furthermore, while they are mostly carnivorous, hornets can eat fruit and drink sugary substances such as juice or soda. Leaving food out for too long can directly attract hornets themselves in addition to their prey.

Maintain Your Building Exterior

Hornets have no way to dig under your property, nor are they strong enough to push their way into your home like a rodent might be able to. As a result, the only way hornets can enter your home or business is through cracks and other openings. Leaving windows or doors open for a long time is a surefire way to allow hornets into your property.

However, it’s the openings you don’t know are there—or don’t think about—that are the biggest dangers to a hornet infestation. If hornets have easy access into your home, they can even begin constructing nests in your attic or crawl spaces. Ensure that cracks are repaired and that your doors, garage doors, and windows are properly sealed.

Use Hornet Deterrents and Traps

Multiple DIY solutions and products deter hornets from your premises and help you trap the ones that are on your premises. Fake nests discourage hornets from setting up one of their own on your property, and certain scents also help repel hornets. You can also construct a simple trap using a sugary liquid solution to attract hornets.

For Hornet Prevention, Call U.S. Pest

Even the most meticulous property owners can unknowingly invite hornets infestations. Remember: Hornets are not pests you should try to remove on your own. U.S. Pest Protection has the expert technicians needed to remove and prevent hornets safely. Start off with a free inspection and estimate to let you know how we can help and what we’ll do to keep hornets away. Ready to take the next step? Contact U.S. Pest Protection today!






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