Paper wasps make their nests out of gray or brown paper material. Their nests have open combs for brood rearing and are anchored by a constricted stalk. You will usually find their nest in your attic or in trees or bushes around your yard. Mostly active during the day, paper wasps prey on insects, such as caterpillars and flies.

Like other wasps, they are capable of stinging multiple times, usually only causing localized pain and swelling. But if you are allergic, their stings can be lethal. Most people don’t know this, but the stinger is actually a modified egg laying structure found only on female wasps.

What Do Paper Wasps Look Like?

  • Paper wasps come in a variety of colors. Some are brown with yellow markings, while others are overall reddish brown – it depends on the species.
  • These aggressive stingers grow to about ¾ in. to 1 in.

Where Do Paper Wasps Live?

  • Dwell in nests made out of bits of wood.
  • Found in attics and trees and bushes around yards.

How Do I Deal With Paper Wasps?

We recommend you call your local pest control provider because of the danger these wasp can pose.