How to Get Rid of Wasps in Tennessee

Anyone who lives in Tennessee knows that summer is synonymous with “wasps.” Whether you’re enjoying the sunshine on your deck or mowing the lawn, there’s always a chance a wasp is nearby. Don’t let flying pests ruin your outdoor fun. Whether you’re dealing with a yellow jacket or a paper wasp, consider these methods for getting rid of wasps.

Solutions for Getting Rid of Wasps

The wasps that build nests near your home or yard are typically “social wasps,” such as yellow jackets, bald faced hornets, red wasps, and paper wasps. These species are extremely aggressive and are best dealt with by professionals. If you want to safely remove a wasp nest from your property and avoid being stung, call U.S. Pest Protection.

While not as safe as calling a pest control service, there are other ways to get rid of wasps. If you try to get rid of a wasp nest yourself, wear protective clothing and have a clear escape path. Other wasp control solutions include:

  • Spraying the nest: Spray the nest with an aerosol insecticide after dusk. This will ensure most of the wasps are in the nest and lower (but not eliminate) your chances of being stung. It may not be easy to locate the nest, as some species, such as yellow jackets, build their homes underground.
  • Traps: While traps can help keep wasps away from your deck, patio, etc., it will not get rid of the colony itself.

How to Prevent Wasps

It’s much easier to discourage wasps from nesting near your home than it is to get rid of them. Wasps are attracted to human food sources, such as sweets and meat. Some species, such as paper wasps, are drawn to firewood and other wooden materials near your home.

To make your home or yard less attractive to wasps, remember to take preventative measures in and around your home.

Call U.S. Pest Protection to Get Rid of Wasps

When it comes to getting rid of wasps, it’s best not to take chances with your safety. Wasps have smooth stingers, which means they can sting you repeatedly. Their stings are also extremely painful and may lead to dangerous allergic reactions for some people.

The best way to avoid being stung by a wasp is to call in the professionals. U.S. Pest Protection is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe from wasps and other dangerous pests. Take your summer back from wasps, and schedule your free inspection today.






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