How to Get Rid of Hornets in Tennessee

As any Tennessee resident knows, warm weather is always accompanied by a variety of insects. One particular pest, however, could quickly develop from a nuisance to a danger to you and your family: hornets. While your wisest and safest choice is to call in trained pest professionals, discover these safe, short-term solutions for getting rid of wasps from U.S. Pest Protection.

How to Get Rid of Hornets

While their name is misleading, hornets are actually considered social wasps. These species are extremely aggressive and are best dealt with by professionals. While these solutions can provide short-term hornet protection for you and your family, it’s best to call in experts. For more information about hornet control solutions, contact U.S. Pest Protection.

Place Hornet Traps Around Your Yard

While traps will not completely rid your yard of hornets, they can help curb the population until you can bring in pest professionals. In addition to hornet traps from the store, you can use materials around your home to create effective traps for these aggressive pests, such as vinegar traps.

Place your traps near your patio, deck, and other areas that hornets may be drawn to. If one wanders too closely to you and your family, try to let the traps do their job instead of killing the hornet directly. Hornets, like other wasp species, release an “attack” pheromone when they’re in danger, which draws other members of the colony.

Make Your Yard Unattractive to Hornets

Hornets are drawn to humans’ resources, such as garage, leftover food, and compost piles. Do your best to eliminate food sources for hornets by cleaning up after a barbecue, sealing your garbage cans, and covering your compost pile.

The safest do-it-yourself solution for getting rid of hornets is to take preventative action. Even if you’ve already found hornets in your yard, cutting off their food sources could discourage them from foraging for food near your home.

Keep Your Yard Safe from Hornets with U.S Pest Protection

While traps and preventative measures can improve your hornet infestation, the most effective way to protect your yard is to remove the nest. Attempting to remove a hornet nest by yourself will likely result in painful and potentially deadly consequences, as hornets’ smooth stingers allow them to sting repeatedly.

If you’ve found a hornet in your yard, give yourself safety and peace of mind with hornet control and removal services from U.S. Pest Protection. In addition to removing the nest quickly and safely, our experts will take steps to prevent further hornet infestations. Schedule a free inspection and estimate today.






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