Pest Identification: European Hornets in Tennessee

European hornets, also known as giant hornets or brown hornets, originally came to New York from Europe in the 1800s. Now these hornets are found from the eastern seaboard all the way to the eastern Dakotas and south to New Orleans—which means residents in Tennessee have to deal with them, too. Unlike most stinging insects in the United States, European hornets are active at all times of the day and are attracted to bright lights at night. 

While European hornets are not as aggressive as their relatives, they can sting multiple times when they feel threatened—and these stings can cause itching and swelling for up to 24 hours and be fatal to those who are allergic. They are also capable of destroying bushes and trees around homes when seeking out food sources, especially when food becomes scarce toward the end of summer.

Because European hornets can nest in multiple areas around your property, ensuring your Tennessee home is protected against these stinging insects is essential. If you suspect European hornets have built a nest near you, contact U.S. Pest Protection today to eliminate their colony safely and prevent them from returning. 

How to Identify European Hornets

European hornets have pale-yellow faces with black eyes and yellow stripes along their abdomen. They also have two pairs of wings, six legs, and antennae. Robust and wasp-like, these hornets can grow from 0.75” to 1.4” long—making them much larger than many other stinging insects. 

Unsure if you are dealing with a European hornet infestation? Contact U.S. Pest Protection today, and one of our pest professionals can assist you within 24 hours. 

Where to Find European Hornets

If you are dealing with a European hornet infestation, large worker hornets buzzing around your Tennessee property in search of sugary foods is a sign. Another sign is finding nests in areas like hollow trees, attics, porches, inside wall voids, or even on the side of your home—typically six feet or more off the ground. While these nests are often hidden inside a cavity or void, a segment of their nest’s brown papery envelope can sometimes be exposed. It’s important to note that European hornet nests rarely appear freely suspended. 

Due to European hornets’ strong affinity for light sources, they have also been known to fly into lighted windows at night, making a loud smacking sound against the glass.

Safeguard Your Tennessee Home Against European Hornets

European hornet infestations around your Tennessee home can be scary, especially because these insects can grow so large. Rather than being fearful every time you step outdoors, U.S. Pest Protection is here to help you take back your yard. When you partner with us, our certified pest technicians can source and eliminate European hornet nests near you with environmentally friendly treatments. 

Keep European hornets far away from your Tennessee home. Contact U.S. Pest Protection today to schedule your pest inspection!

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