Also known as giant hornets, European hornets originally came to New York from Europe in the 1800s. One of the only “real” hornets in the United States, these stingers can grow as large an 1 ½ inches. And unlike other wasps, European hornets are active at all times of the day.

They are not as aggressive as their relatives. But when these stingers do attack, they can cause itching and swelling for up to 24 hours. They are also capable of destroying bushes and trees around homes.

European hornets have a strong attraction to light and have been known to bang up against lighted windows at night, making a loud smack against the glass.

What Do European Hornets Look Like?

  • Have yellow faces with black eyes and yellow stripes along abdomen.
  • Can grow as big as 1.4 inches.

Where Do European Hornets Live?

  • Make their nests in hollow trees, barns, out building, and attics.
  • Can be active at night.

How Do I Deal With European Hornets?

European Hornets fly long distances to get food, making it hard to find their nests. You will likely find them on trees and bushes around your home.

Because of the European wasps painful stings, we recommend you call a pest professional to help you effectively get rid of them. Call U.S. Pest today for a FREE inspection!