Pest Identification: House Spiders in Tennessee

You may be familiar with wolf spiders and jumping spiders, but there’s one more kind of arachnid that may be creeping around your home: the house spider. These common household pests often wander into homes in search of their next meal, and while they’re more interested in sinking their fang into insects, they may bite people in self-defense. Additionally, their webs are an unpleasant sight in your home. 

Don’t be taken by surprise by these unwelcome, eight-legged guests—discover how to identify house spiders with this guide from U.S. Pest Protection. Need to get rid of house spiders soon rather than later? Contact our pest control experts.

What House Spiders Look Like

“House spider” is a general term to describe a variety of spiders found indoors. Some common house spider species include:

  • Yellow sac spider: Yellow or tan, with dark tips on legs, and measures 0.25 inches long
  • Black house spider: Shiny and black with brown legs, often mistaken for black widow
  • Brown house spider: Reddish-brown with thin legs, often referred to false black widow
  • Common cellar spider: Tiny body with long legs, also called “daddy long-legs”
  • Hobo spider: Tan, black, and brown coloring, often mistaken for brown recluse

Regardless of what kind of spider you’ve found in your home, it’s best to leave identifying these pests to the trained eyes of professionals. Spiders are exceptionally quick, and what you assume is a harmless house spider could actually be a more venomous species. 

Skip a trip to the emergency room, and schedule your free U.S. Pest Protection inspection.

Where to Find House Spiders

Like many types of spiders, house spiders prefer dark, out-of-the-way places to hide. From crawling under your bed to building a web in a corner near the ceiling, they do everything they can to avoid contact with humans. Unfortunately, whether you’re clearing boxes out of your basement or reaching for something that fell behind your bed, you may find yourself with a bite or two.

Prevent unpleasant encounters with house spiders by keeping your home clean. From using airtight boxes for storage to vacuuming and dusting, the more active and organized your home is, the better chances you have of keeping away house spiders.

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If house spiders have invaded your living space, there’s no need to worry—just contact U.S. Pest Protection. When you choose our reliable pest control and prevention solutions, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that only comes from experienced pest professionals. 

From brown house spiders to yellow sac spiders and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Even if you haven’t discovered any house spiders yet, we can create a prevention plan to help you stay spider-free. Evict house spiders with U.S. Pest Protection, and schedule your free inspection today! 

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