Pest Identification: Cellar Spiders in Tennessee

A cellar spider suspended in a web

Cellar spiders are one of the many species of spiders found in the United States. While their name suggests that these spiders mainly appear in cellars, you can find these spiders throughout your house—not just in basement areas. These nonvenomous spiders come from the family Pholcidae and as a result are also sometimes called Pholcids.

Cellar spiders are sometimes called daddy longlegs, named so for their long legs. As a web-spinning spider, you’ll find webs in your home if you have a cellar spider infestation. Their webs are irregular and often plentiful, as cellar spiders tend to congregate and reproduce quickly.

U.S. Pest Control is here to help you with any spider infestation you may have. We operate throughout the Nashville metro area and Tennessee. Below, you’ll find tips on how to identify these spiders, but don’t worry—we can help you get any spider infestation under control.

How to Identify Cellar Spiders

The most distinctive feature of cellar spiders is their thin, spindly legs that are many times larger than their thorax and abdomen. While their body is small, their legs can grow up to two inches in length. 

You may have heard cellar spider referred to as daddy long legs, but there are actually two insects that are called daddy longlegs. The other insect referred to as a daddy longlegs is the harvestman. However, harvestmen technically aren’t spiders, though they look like spiders. You can tell them apart by:

  • Their size—cellar spiders are usually smaller
  • Their body—cellar spiders feature a two-part body, and harvestmen have just one segment
  • Their webs—cellar spiders make webs, and harvestmen do not

Whether you’re convinced you have cellar spiders or harvestmen, U.S. Pest Protection is prepared to deal with both. If you want professional help for your insect problem, be sure to contact U.S. Pest Protection.

Where to Find Cellar Spiders

If you have a cellar, you’ll likely find cellar spiders there, as their name suggests. But these spiders can also be found in places with cellar-like conditions throughout your home—dark, moist spaces that are secluded from bright, wide open ones. You’ll encounter these spiders most often in basements, bathrooms, and crawl spaces. Be on the lookout for their webs, as the presence of webs usually means that cellar spiders are nearby. 

Stellar Cellar Spider Control With U.S. Pest Protection

No one enjoys seeing spiders scurrying about their homes or stumbling into the cobwebs the spiders leave behind. Though cellar spiders aren’t venomous, that doesn’t mean they aren’t annoying—or, most importantly, indicative of a larger problem. If you see a lot of cellar spiders, that also likely means that you have lots of other insects in your home, as well.

U.S. Pest Protection provides Tennessee spider control and can eliminate spiders from your home. We’re also committed to keeping pests away from your home, and we can provide monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly preventative control to keep your home pest-free. Be sure to schedule your free pest control inspection today!

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