Tennessee Silverfish Pest Solutions

Nothing can ruin your day faster than seeing a silverfish scuttle across your kitchen or bathroom countertop. Not only are these gray, fast-moving home invaders unpleasant to look at, they can also damage your belongings. If they’re not taken care of, silverfish will feed on and ruin your books, clothing, and stored food.

How U.S. Pest can Prevent A Silverfish Invasion

To help you evict these unwelcome houseguests, U.S. Pest Protection will send a technician to your Tennessee home to inspect it and the surrounding outdoor environment thoroughly. This inspection is free and includes pricing for a targeted maintenance plan to protect silverfish from invading your space. Our technician will work with you to tailor a maintenance plan for your budget and your timetable.

Part of the maintenance plan involves inspecting the outside of your home for any cracks or holes and placing monitoring boards around your home. These boards help the technician understand the silverfish activity happening outside and inside your house, and the technician will place the inspection date on each board.

Call U.S. Pest Protection for Silverfish Pest Control Solutions

When it comes to keeping your belongings safe from silverfish, do-it-yourself solutions may take too long, or only temporarily get rid of these unpleasant invaders. Give yourself peace of mind and schedule a free inspection and estimate with U.S. Pest Protection for a silverfish-free home today.






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