Pest Identification: Silverfish in Tennessee

Silverfish are very commonly found inside Tennessee homes. These small, wingless insects belong to the Zygentoma order. Its colloquial name comes from its silver color and fish-like appearance and movements. However, the silverfish’s scientific name refers to its diet consisting of carbohydrates such as sugar or starches. Silverfish are also one of the world’s oldest insects!

If you spot silverfish around your home, good luck catching them—as they’re notoriously fast runners. Learn more about silverfish to help curb an invasion in your space, or get in touch with U.S. Pest Protection today to schedule a pest control inspection. 

How to Identify Silverfish

Silverfish are nocturnal insects that are experts at hiding. Although they do not bite, they can damage books, fabrics, and other belongings if left undiscovered. 

Physical characteristics of silverfish include: 

  • Body length about 1/2 to 3/4 inch
  • Shiny and silver to gray in color
  • No wings 
  • Pair of antennae and three appendages at rear end 
  • Makes quick movements 

How to Prevent Silverfish

Silverfish in Tennessee homes are generally found in basements, bathtubs, sinks, attics, garages, kitchens, and near paper materials. In addition to feeding on household belongings such as linen, wallpaper, books, glue, flour, and leftover food crumbs, silverfish also require environments with high humidity levels to survive. 

Therefore, some proactive ways to ensure silverfish can’t thrive around your home include: 

  • Dehumidifying damp spaces. 
  • Ensuring food is put away in a sealed container.
  • Closing potential pest entry points like voids, cracks, and crevices around your home and foundation. 
  • Installing tight screens on windows and foundation and attic vents. 

Send Silverfish Scampering with U.S. Pest Protection

No matter if you’ve seen a couple or a couple dozen of these pest, the pest professionals at U.S. Pest can help protect your space from unwelcome insects with routine pest control services. Offering monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly pest control treatments, we’re here to tailor a program to your needs. Get in touch with U.S. Pest Protection today for pest control in Tennessee.

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