Pest Identification: Roof Rats in Tennessee

Roof rats are a type of rodent that is renowned for excellent climbing skills. In fact, that’s how they got their name. While other rats enter homes through low-lying areas and cracks in foundations and gaps near windows, pipe fittings, and more, roof rats climb up into your home near attics and other areas where there may be easily accessible openings.

Roof rats feed on human trash and waste and often leave their fecal matter/droppings wherever they go. These nocturnal creatures can range in color from black to lighter brown, but they often have a lighter underbelly.

Signs of a Roof Rat Infestation

Roof rats are commonly the culprit when it comes to chewed insulation in or around your attic, but their mobility really allows them to go anywhere in your home. Black rats (another name for roof rats) are excellent foragers and will eat just about anything, although they commonly feed on any meal intended for cows, swine, chickens, cats, or dogs.

Why are roof rats dangerous?

In addition to the property damage they can cause around your home or business, roof rats are a common source of destruction for crops when found in the wild. Roof rats are also known disease carriers. They are responsible for the spread of bubonic plague, typhus, toxoplasmosis, and Weil’s disease. In addition to viruses and bacteria, they can be home to multiple disease-causing parasites.

Preventing Roof Rats

A major form of rodent prevention involves eliminating sources of food in and around your home. It’s also important to cut down on points of entry they may take advantage of; exclusion practices, such as caulking and sealing gaps around your gutters, roof, and foundations, will go a long way in rodent prevention.

How do I get rid of roof rats?

Like many other rodents, trapping and baiting are an effective strategy to eliminate rat populations in your home. However, DIY trapping and baiting can backfire if you use improper amounts of rodenticide, especially if you have small children or pets. Instead of going it alone, consider calling in pest professionals with a proven track record of rodent reduction.

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