How to Get Rid of Rodents

If you’re in the middle of a rat or mouse infestation in your Tennessee home or business, you’re probably feeling frazzled. Rodents are a particularly nasty nuisance that can be quite difficult to remove on your own. In addition to the risk of property damage posed by rodents, there’s a real potential for disease or illness. Rats and mice are responsible for the spread of up to 55 diseases in the United States, but proper prevention and removal in the past few decades has significantly reduced this risk.

The best way to get rid of mice and rats is with proper pest prevention. Aggressive rodent management involves following standard protocols for quick elimination of the problem. The best ways to eliminate a rodent problem? Sanitation, exclusion, and population control.


Good housekeeping goes a long way in rodent prevention for both home and business. Keep common areas clean and crumb-free, and eliminate all food and water sources for mice and rats. Don’t let spills linger or leave food out longer than absolutely necessary.


In addition to removing the temptation of food and water, rodent exclusion involves making it impossible for mice and rats to enter your building or dwelling in the first place. Mice can squeeze through openings as small as three-eighths of an inch, but windows and doors are common entry points, too. Don’t neglect pipe chases or utility lines, which are common entry points for rodents that are easily repaired to eliminate the risk of rodents.

Population Control

With trapping and proper application of rodenticides, keeping the population of mice and rats under control is a manageable process. Trapping rodents is just one piece of the rodent control puzzle, but it’s an important one. Different traps can be used in a variety of situations, including glue traps and traditional snap traps. All trapping situations should be supervised by a professional, who will remove the rodents from the premises. Professional application of rodenticides can be highly effective because one bait source can be eaten by multiple rodents. Mice and rats treated in this way can be eliminated in as few as three days.

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You shouldn’t try to tackle a rodent problem on your own. Improper application of traps and rodenticides can be dangerous for you, your pets, or your family. Instead, count on the pest professionals at U.S. Pest Protection. Our rodent removal experts will examine your premises and point out potential points of entry for these unwanted visitors. We’ll then provide a clear set of removal and prevention protocols to follow to kick them out and keep them from coming back. To get started, purchase your pest control service online or contact us for a free inspection today.






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