Pest Identification: House Mice in Tennessee

House mice are among the smallest rodents, which makes them all that much harder to spot once they’re inside your Tennessee home. These mice can sometimes appear pink, but their hair is typical light or dark brown. The house mouse can survive by eating just about anything—including their own feces—and will usually try to stay close to nearby food sources, such as your kitchen and pantry.

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How to Identify a House Mouse

House mice usually have pointed snouts and large, rounded ears. Their hair is also long and hairy. House mice are able to be domesticated for both household pet and laboratory purposes. House mice can grow to be between three and four inches long. They’re a hardy rodent, able to survive—and thrive—in many different conditions, including homes, commercial structures, agricultural lands, and open fields.

Are house mice dangerous?

House mice are not particularly dangerous due to the spreading of disease, although there are a few types of illness they can carry, namely those transmitted by fleas, ticks, and lice (parasites commonly found on mice and other rodents). Their main danger comes by contaminating food supplies, as well as by chewing on the structures and wires inside the home as a method of keeping their constantly growing teeth under control.

How do I deal with house mice?

House mice are an invasive species that need to be curbed fairly quickly because of how fast they can overrun an area. Trying to go it alone, however, can result in an ineffective course of treatment. Deploying improper traps as well as unsafe levels of poison can pose a risk to you, your family, or your pets. For the best chance at eliminating a house mouse problem, call a pest professional with plenty of experience in dealing with mice.

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