Pest Identification: Deer Mice in Tennessee

As one of the most common rodent species living in Tennessee, deer mice can be found just about anywhere throughout the state. In the summer, these rodents typically reside in outdoor areas, taking shelter in places like old fence posts and hollow tree logs or underneath piles of leaf litter or lawn debris. 

Weather permitting, deer mice will hunt for food like insects, seeds, nuts, berries, and small fruits during dusk and dawn each day. However, during the cold winter months, these rodents may seek out homes, garages, or sheds for warmth and ample sustenance.

Just like many other species of rodents, deer mice can carry and transmit dangerous diseases. As common carriers of Hantavirus and Lyme disease, deer mice infestations can pose a major risk to Tennessee homeowners and business owners—and that means proper prevention and swift elimination is necessary. 

As one of the top pest control providers in Tennessee, U.S. Pest Protection is standing by to help you eliminate deer mice from your property. Our trained pest control technicians can identify the source of your infestation quickly and implement measures that keep you safe from these disease-carrying pests.

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How to Identify Deer Mice

In Tennessee, there are two common types of deer mice, including white-footed deer mice and cotton deer mice:

White-Footed Deer Mice

White-footed deer mice are small rodents with large, black eyes, large ears, and long whiskers. Just like their name suggests, their feet—along with the lower portion of their faces and their undersides—are stark white. This directly contracts their upper-body colors, which range from grayish to reddish-brown. White-footed deer mice can grow between 5.5 inches to 8.4 inches long and feature tails that are anywhere from 2.5 inches to 4 inches long. These mice are known to be carriers of Lyme disease, too.

Uncertain if you’re seeing a white-footed deer mouse in your home or business? Contact U.S. Pest Protection today, and one of our certified technicians will be at your property in 24 hours for rodent identification.

Cotton Deer Mice

Cotton deer mice cannot be distinguished from white-footed deer mice without scientific analysis of their skulls and dental formations. Simply put, white-footed deer mice and cotton deer mice look exactly alike! Just like their deer mouse counterparts, cotton deer mice have black eyes, large ears, and long whiskers—and share the same white feet, lower portions of their faces, and undersides. Similarly, they can grow up to 8.4 inches long, and feature tails that are anywhere from 2.5 inches to 4 inches long. Also, these mice are known to be carriers of Hantavirus. 

Because it’s difficult to distinguish between white-footed deer mice and cotton deer mice, U.S. Pest Protection is here to help. Once you schedule your rodent inspection, one of our certified technicians will visit your property within 24 hours to identify your rodent problem.

Where to Find White-Footed and Cotton Deer Mice

Outdoors, white-footed deer mice are typically found throughout forests and near forest edges. These rodents can take shelter in places like old fence posts, underneath leaves or rocks, or in hollow tree logs. They can even convert old bird nests into homes by building roofs on top of them! Cotton deer mice are typically found in moist, timbered river bottoms or swamps, inside caves, and even within cliff crevices.

When forced to find shelter indoors during the winter months, deer mice can be found anywhere with warmth and ample food supplies. This includes your kitchen, garage, basement, shed, or even your attic!

Call U.S. Pest Protection to Get Rid of Deer Mice

Deer mice infestations in your property aren’t just nuisance; they are also dangerous due to their propensity to carry dangerous diseases like Lyme disease and Hantavirus. If you think you are dealing with deer mice in your home or business, get in touch with U.S. Pest Protection today for expert rodent control in Tennessee. 

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