Prevention Tips for Moths in Tennessee

When moths are fluttering about outdoors, they are generally harmless insects. However, if certain species of moths make their way into your Tennessee home, they can set up camp and cause damage to your dried foodstuffs and expensive clothing. Thankfully, U.S. Pest Protection is here to help you deter these butterfly-like insects from getting too close to your home.

How to Prevent Moths from Entering Your Home

To prevent moths from entering your house, it is important to know what they are attracted to—both outside and inside your living space. 

Minimize Outdoor Lighting

Because many types of moths are positively phototactic, they are naturally drawn to bright light sources. If your home has luminescent porch lights or accent lighting that turn on as the sun sets, these insects will be drawn straight toward your home’s entry points. If possible, try to minimize bright outdoor lighting fixtures near your entryway doors. Also, make sure to move quickly when going in and out of your home at night, as a single moth that makes its way inside could lead to an infestation. Lastly, ensure that any door or window frame near an exterior light is properly sealed, as these insects can move through small openings with ease.

Store Pantry Goods in Sealable Containers

When you find a moth inside your home, chances are it is a species that feeds on dried goods. Known as “pantry pests” or stored-product pests, these types of moths are attracted to dried pantry goods like grains, nuts, seeds, and more. If your food storage area features products that are improperly sealed, motahs can take up residence inside them and contaminate your supply. Instead of being forced to toss out your foods, transfer them into sealable, airtight containers once you get them home from the store. 

Keep Expensive Clothing in Covered

While stored food moths are attracted to light, clothes moths that feed on natural fibers prefer dark areas like closets, attics, and basements. If a clothes moth finds its way into a storage area with exposed garments made from silk, wool, cashmere, or other natural fibers, your investments could be at risk. Rather than allowing these insects to chew up your clothing, make sure to store these items in closeable bins, airtight containers, or vacuum-sealed bags. Additionally, because clothes moths cannot chew through cotton, you can place your pricey clothing in cotton garments bags that zip shut. 

Call in the Moth Control Professionals at U.S. Pest Protection

If moths are still making their way into your Tennessee home, U.S. Pest Protection is waiting in the wings. With advanced pest control barriers applied to the exterior and interior of your home, we can prevent pesky moths from contaminating your dried foodstuffs or damaging your expensive clothing. Give us a call today to schedule your free moth inspection.






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