​Pest Solutions for Moths in Tennessee

Much like butterflies, moths are common winged insects you have likely seen fluttering about around your Tennessee home. Because most moths are positively phototactic, they are naturally inclined to move toward light—meaning your porch lights can be a beacon for many of these insects as the sun starts to set. Occasionally, moths can accidentally find their way indoors and become a real nuisance. 

Depending upon what type of moth has invaded your space, these insects can cause damage to your garments or contaminate your food supply. To help you combat nuisance moths, the licensed pest technicians at U.S. Pest Protection are here to provide you with DIY moth control solutions to ensure your belongings stay intact throughout the year.

Eliminating Moths’ Food Supply

One of the easiest ways to prevent moths from surviving and breeding in your home is to eliminate their food supply:

Seal Dried Foodstuffs in Airtight Containers

Many species of moths are considered stored product pests or “pantry pests,” meaning they go after dried foodstuffs that are improperly sealed. These moths can thrive off foods like gains, nuts, seeds, spices, dried fruit, dried dog food, and more. Worse, when these pantry pests find exposed food, they will live and breed inside the open container and contaminate your products. 

Rather than taking the chance on these moths ruining your food, it is important to ensure all your pantry basics and dried foods are sealed in airtight containers. Not only will this extend the shelf life of your goods, but it will ensure pesky moths can’t find their way into your pantry.

Properly Store Natural Garments

Certain types of moths in Tennessee feed on animal hairs and items made from natural fiber— which means your clothes could be a prime target. If these moths find their way inside your home, garments featuring cashmere, wool, silk, angora, or fur can be subjected to unrepairable damage. While clothes moths are not dangerous to humans, they can turn your expensive clothing items into expensive rags. 

Rather than take the risk of these moths damaging your investments, make sure to keep clothing storage out of places like the garage, basement, or attic. If you need any of these spaces to store seasonal garments, place your clothes into sealable containers or bins. You can also place items into vacuum-sealed bags for an extra layer of protection. 

If clothes featuring natural fibers are in your everyday rotation, keep them covered in your closet with cotton garment bags or sleeves. As a final measure, you can attach lavender pouches to your hangers, as insects are repelled by the terpene compounds released from these plants. 

Moth Elimination with U.S. Pest Protection

No matter if moths are invading your pantry or your closet, the experts at U.S. Pest Protection can step in and eliminate these nuisance insects. Through careful moth inspections, one of our team members will locate the source of your infestation. If your affected items include dried foodstuffs, we will recommend freezing salvageable supplies to eliminate the possibility of moth larvae. However, severely infested products might have to be tossed to get rid of these insects.

Once infested products or garments have been identified, we will then lure out any remaining moths with advanced pest control baits and administer pest control treatments that will take out moths once and for all. 

Prevent Moths in Your Home

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