Pest Identification: Types of Mosquitoes in Tennessee

Categorizing mosquitoes requires understanding both the physical appearance of the species, as well as the manner in which the females lay their eggs. There are more than 3,000 mosquito species in the world and about 176 species in North America and Mexico. Each species is categorized into 39 different genera subgroups, where they share the same characteristics. In Tennessee, the most common species are the house mosquito, the Asian tiger mosquito, and the yellow fever mosquito.

House Mosquito (Culex)

The house mosquito is the most common mosquito species throughout the U.S. and Southern Canada. You can identify these by their light brown color with white stripes. House mosquitoes are extremely attracted to sitting water and tend to nest in those areas. Female house mosquitoes can lay anywhere from 50 to 400 eggs that take 10 to 14 days to hatch. 

Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes Albopictus)

Asian tiger mosquitoes are distinguished by their bright white stripes that make them resemble a tiger. Unlike the house mosquito, Asian tiger mosquitoes are daytime feeders and tend to be aggressive biters. Since they were discovered in 1985, they have been direct competitors to yellow fever mosquitoes and have taken over territories they had previously conquered. 

Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aedes Aegypti) 

The yellow fever mosquito gets its name from the deadly disease it is known to spread: yellow fever. In fact, during the Spanish-American war, the yellow fever mosquito caused more U.S. troop casualties than the war itself. These mosquitoes have very similar characteristics to the Asian tiger mosquito, as they both breed and feed in similar fashions. Although the Asian tiger species has started to take over the yellow fever species, it still prevails in certain regions. 

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