Pest Solutions for Millipedes in Tennessee

Occasionally finding a millipede around your home or business isn’t a cause for major concern. While they’re slow, they can find their way through an open window or door, and millipedes aren’t dangerous. They can even be easily removed  without any equipment or with much danger to you or your pets.

However, if you’ve got a lot of millipedes, or if millipedes keep coming back again and again, ensuring millipedes stop invading your home might be out of your hands. Don’t worry—that’s where U.S. Pest Protection comes in. Here is how we can remove your millipede problem. 

How U.S. Pest Protection Removes and Prevents Millipedes

Preventing and ridding millipedes from your Tennessee home or business are two sides of the same coin. By approaching millipede removal with an eye towards prevention, we can help ensure your problem won’t come back. To do so, we offer both exterior and interior millipede solutions. We split our services between exterior and interior solutions.

Exterior Millipede Solutions

Millipedes can’t fly, but they can dig. As a result, they tend to enter homes at ground level and below. To stop them from entering your home through cracks, holes, and other areas of entry, we’ll search for and then patch up those areas on the exterior of your home. Since millipedes don’t breed indoors or survive very long indoors, preventing them from getting inside in the first place is the most effective way of preventing any sort of millipede invasion.

Interior Millipede Solutions

Got millipedes? Our technicians will get rid of them for you. As trained professionals, they know where millipedes like to congregate—in damp, dark areas around your home (particularly in your basement or garage). If necessary, we will utilize traps and chemical sprays to get rid of any stragglers.

Additionally, our interior solutions also include patching up potential areas of entry from the inside. Since millipedes are great diggers, they can enter your basement from underground through any cracks in the concrete or foundation. We’ll help fix those up for you so that doesn’t happen again.

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No matter if you have one or one thousand millipedes in your home—though we hope it’s not the latter—our experienced technicians are prepared and ready to help with your millipede problem. We’ll remove the millipedes in your home and help prevent them from coming back. Our affordable pest control solutions are convenient and effective. Contact U.S. Pest Protection to schedule your free Tennessee pest inspection today!






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