How to Get Rid of Millipedes in Tennesse

Millipedes aren’t a dangerous pest to have around your home, but they can be a shocking surprise and a nuisance around your home. The best way to keep millipedes away from your home or garden is prevention, but if you have millipedes in your home, U.S. Pest Protection technicians suggest these steps.


One of the easiest ways to get rid of millipedes is to incentivize them to go away on their own. To do so, use a dehumidifier to lower the moisture content in the air of your basement, crawl spaces, or other areas where millipedes are intruding. Millipedes don’t survive long indoors without ample moisture and food, so removing one factor from the equation can help.

Use Traps or Chemical Treatments

Since millipedes are slow-moving and not dangerous, insect traps and chemical deterrents are low-risk options and are easy to find at varying home and garden retailers. 

Insect traps attract millipedes and other insects with food or some other bait and have a mechanism to prevent said insects from escaping. These are set-and-forget measures that only require occasional checking to see if they are doing their job. 

Additionally, chemical treatments are an option should you prefer to protect a specific area or are interested in deterring other nuisance pests than millipedes. Apply these chemical treatments around the outside of your home or business, and the chemicals will deter or kill millipedes that would otherwise make their way into your building.

Remove Them Physically

See some millipedes around? Physically removing them from your home or business is a breeze. Use paper towels to grab them or use a folder, piece of cardboard, or other platform to scoop them up and deposit them outside. Millipedes don’t come indoors to breed or lay eggs, so you’re unlikely to see more after you remove them. However, be sure not to touch millipedes directly, as some species of millipedes [insert link] secrete a chemical substance in self-defense that can cause irritation or burning. 

U.S. Pest Protection Can Make Millipedes Go Away For Good

If you are again and again coming across millipedes in your home, your problem might have gotten out of hand. If that’s the case, call U.S. Pest Protection. We provide Tennessee with customer-first pest control services that are quick and effective. Contact us to schedule a free inspection today.






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