Prevention Tips for Ladybugs in Tennessee

They might be pretty to look at—with their round, bright-colored backs and polka dots—but ladybugs are not exactly the guest you want in your Tennessee home. These small beetles gather in groups, multiply quickly, and emit quite the stinky odor when surprised or disturbed. Luckily, you can prevent ladybugs from entering your home in the first place with basic measures.

Why do ladybugs come inside?

Ladybugs typically hibernate in the winter months and become more active beginning in the spring. They are agile, allowing them to find small cracks and crevices from the exterior of your home where they can hide and keep warm before emerging. Even an open window with a seemingly well-sealed screen can attract them inside quickly.

Additionally, if you have flowering plants around your landscape, ladybugs are likely to feast on aphids—a common garden pest and their main food source. Particular ladybug species also feed on pollen, so if they realize your yard has all the food they need, you might find them around your house by proxy. Although this bug certainly won’t hurt you, more aggressive types of ladybugs can become especially bothersome, and there’s usually many more than just a single ladybug!

Seal Entry Points

The most effective way to prevent ladybugs from coming inside any building is to seal them out. Use a high-quality caulk with silicone to fill any cracks around entry points such as doors, windows, pipes, sidings, chimneys, and more. Replace damaged screens or doors, and use weather stripping to help close any gaps. If you find them already in your home, a vacuum with a hose extension will easily suck them up and out of sight.

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If you’ve seen a few too many ladybugs or another type of beetle around your Tennessee home or business, there’s no need to keep your windows closed forever in fear of them coming inside. For ladybug infestations you can’t squash yourself, reach out to U.S. Pest Protection today to schedule a free inspection to get help identifying whatever’s bugging you at home or in your business.






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