Pest Solutions for Ladybugs in Tennessee

If you’ve got a ladybug infestation and you can’t seem to get them out of your home or business—or prevent them from getting there in the first place—U.S. Pest Protection can provide the services you need to be pest-free. We pride ourselves on environmentally conscious and affordable pest control solutions that simply work. Here’s what we can do about your ladybug problem.

How U.S. Pest Protection Removes and Prevents Ladybugs

Ladybugs aren’t dangerous, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a pest. Ladybugs do sometimes bite, and it is certainly unnerving to have insects parading around your property like they own the place. We split our services between exterior and interior solutions.

Exterior Solutions

Our exterior solutions are designed to prevent ladybugs from entering your property. To begin, we’ll note any sites that might offer potential entry for ladybugs such as cracks and general building deterioration. Preventing ladybugs from entering your home or business is the single best way to stop a ladybug infestation, and our exterior solutions are focused on prevention and to erect a pest-protecting barrier around your home.

Interior Solutions

If you currently have a ladybug infestation inside your home, our experienced technicians will do what we can to get rid of them for you. We’ll check behind appliances, in crevices, and in the nooks and crannies such as crawl spaces that ladybugs and other pests often congregate in. We don’t just find where your ladybugs are; we’re also interested in finding where they are coming from.

The specific ladybug treatment we use will depend on the location of the infestation and the severity of the infestation. If necessary, we will use everything from traps to chemical application to eradicate the ladybugs currently infesting your home.

Ladybug Problem? Call U.S. Pest Protection.

When you have a ladybug infestation, call U.S. Pest Protection. We can help remove the ladybugs that are currently scurrying and flying about your home with traps and chemical treatments as necessary. More importantly, we’ll ensure your pest problem won’t come back with exterior treatments. Don’t let pests continue to bug you. Schedule your free pest control inspection today!






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