How To Get Rid of Flies

Flies have affected humans and human health for thousands of years because some suck on blood and others are scavengers.  Lots of flies carry diseases and are in the same order of insects as Mosquitos.

The most dangerous fly to human health is the filth fly, or better known as the domestic fly, has become more a nuisance than ever. These flies carry typhoid, cholera, pinworm, roundworm and even tapeworm because of their filthy habits. 

Most flies habits include feeding on garbage, sewage and dead animals. In turn, flies found in homes that have been out foraging on the most disgusting things possible are landing on your counters and food. Exact identification of the different types of flies can be difficult because of their size.

Good sanitation is the basic step in all fly management. All food and material in which flies can lay their eggs must be removed in order to affect a fly population. Getting rid of the adult flies is helpful in reducing their numbers and in some cases is the best option. However, whenever possible we try to find the source of the infestation in order to remove the problem entirely. 

We recommend twice a week garbage removal when possible which can reduce the activity significantly. We also recommend our fly treatment programs and baiting programs paired with homeowners efforts to reduce harborage to control flies. 







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