How To Get Rid of Flies in Tennessee

For thousands of years, flies have affected humans and their health. Some—such as mosquitoes—feast on human blood to help lay eggs while spreading diseases. The domestic fly, or filth fly, is the most dangerous to human health. These flies carry a variety of diseases, including typhoid, cholera, pinworm, roundworm, and tapeworm.

Due to their disgusting habits, finding them in and around your home is most unwelcome. At U.S. Pest Protection, we focus on helping eliminate your fly problem with targeted intervention and preventive measures to keep them from returning to ruin your day.

Why are flies such a problem?

Most flies’ habits involve landing and feeding on garbage, sewage, and dead animals. Any fly that makes its way into your home should be assumed to have done so prior to landing on your kitchen counters and food. When these flies land on said surfaces, they spread disease via their feces and vomit.

How to Eliminate Flies from Your Home

The number-one way to reduce flies in your home is through good sanitation practices. All food and materials where flies may lay their eggs should be removed as quickly as possible to mitigate the fly population. Getting rid of adult flies can be helpful in reducing your numbers.

By removing anything that is attractive to flies, such as overripe produce, empty cans and bottles, and garbage, you can reduce fly activity significantly. Try to remove garbage twice each week, and ensure all cans are closed to avoid allowing flies to get inside and lay eggs. If an infestation is particularly overwhelming, you can use fly treatment programs and baiting programs to reduce harborage and control them.

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