How to Prevent Flies in Tennessee

Flies, like any other insect, seek the three things they need to stay alive: food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately for us, those three things are often found in abundance inside our homes (since we need them, too). Humankind has lived in coexistence with flies for thousands of years, but we don’t have to put up with them or risk getting ill due to living in close proximity to them. Instead, we can make every effort to limit how attractive our homes can be to these unwelcome invaders.

At U.S. Pest Protection, we understand the difficulties with fly prevention. That’s why we offer several services that are tailored to eliminating flies in and around your home to keep you and your family safe. Before you call an exterminator, however, consider the following tips for keeping flies out of your home.

Eliminate food sources.

If you have a fly problem, it’s probably because they’re currently feasting on something inside your home. This is often garbage, sewage, dead animal carcasses, or dead plant material in and around your home. Sometimes these food sources can be hidden, such as inside wall voids or attics where you rarely think to look. Another example is a fruit or vegetable that’s rolled out of sight or in a location you can’t easily get to. Garbage containers and trash cans are a big spot that can be overlooked but have a huge impact on fly populations in your home.

Close up possible shelter areas.

Flies are safe from the elements in an area of your home that isn’t disturbed by humans or animals. Because they only need a small space to multiply quickly, ensuring they don’t have one is important. Ensure voided areas in your home are clear of debris. This can make a big impact on fly control.

Eliminate water sources.

Flies need a water source, which they’ll find either in vegetation or whatever matter they’re nesting in. Once this water source dries up, flies will vacate—unless they find another feeding source nearby.

Invest in Fly Control and Prevention

If you find that fly infestations are giving your Nashville home more trouble than you can handle, it may be time to call in the professionals. The best way to control flies is with one of our fly management programs. With years of experience and trained professionals, U.S. Pest Protection will work with you to keep flies out of your home. Don’t hesitate to keep these disease-spreading pests from overtaking your home. Contact us today for a free inspection and immediate relief from your fly problem.






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