Pest Identification: Fleas in Tennessee

Dogs aren’t the only ones plagued by fleas in Tennessee. Once they manage to get into your home or business, these blood-sucking pests will bite people, leaving itchy marks all over your body, which can trigger asthma attacks and transmit serious diseases, such as Murine typhus and, in rare cases, bubonic plague. 

Unfortunately, due to their incredible agility and tiny size, it’s often difficult to find fleas before they explode into a full-blown infestation. That’s why U.S. Pest Protection is proud to provide the effective flea pest control solutions that Tennessee residents and business owners deserve. 

Wondering if you may have a flea problem brewing? Learn more below, or schedule a free inspection with U.S. Pest Protection today.

Signs of a Flea Issue

If you have pets or service animals that spend time indoors, their behavior is the first indicator of a flea problem. Animals dealing with fleas will excessively bite at and lick their bodies for temporary relief from the itchiness of flea bites. 

Speaking of bites, it’s crucial to check animals and yourself for fleas’ calling cards. Fleas often bite in clusters of two or three. Bite sites resemble small red dots and sometimes have a light-colored halo around them. 

Not sure what kind of insect bite you or your animals have? Contact U.S. Pest Protection’s experts to make sure you’re not dealing with pests that leave similar bite marks, such as bed bugs or ticks.

What Fleas Look Like

While they’re quite small, fleas are still visible to the naked eye. Roughly ⅛ of an inch long, these reddish-brown parasites have large hind legs that help them jump eight inches into the air (more than 150 times their height).  

Where to Check for Fleas

They may be fast, but there are still places where you can catch fleas in the act. Check your indoor animals’ stomachs and legs for these unwanted pests. Traveling through fur slows them down, which makes them easier to spot and potentially grab. 

Additionally, if you have pet beds in your home, inspect them for fleas. They also tend to creep around carpeting, furniture, and even hardwood flooring. They also leave tell-tale droppings that resemble specks of pepper or dirt. 

Send Fleas Fleeing with U.S. Pest Protection

The most efficient way to identify and eliminate fleas in your home or business is to bring in trained pest professionals. Thankfully, the U.S. Pest Protection team offers effective residential and commercial pest control services to rid your home of any unwanted guests. 

Once we’ve conducted a free inspection of your Tennessee property, we’ll offer a management plan to give you continuous protection from fleas and other pests with monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly services. 

Stay bite-free in Tennessee with flea control services from U.S. Pest Protection. Schedule your free inspection today!

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