Types of Firebrats in Tennessee

Firebrats—the Thermobia demestica—and silverfish are two pests that are commonly confused with one another because the two of them thrive in similar conditions. Firebrats, however, prefer warmer habitats than silverfish.

Firebrats’ distinguishing features are a pair of long antennae and three slender structures that stick out from their bodies’ last segments. These hair-like appendages have led to another nickname for them, the “bristletail.”

Where Firebrats Live in Tennessee

Firebrats tend to live in areas with lots of heat, darkness, and moisture. Common places to find them include near clothes dryers, water heaters, ovens, or attics. They are also commonly seen around bathtubs. Firebrats can get trapped there as they seek out moist environments.

Firebrat Life Cycle

Firebrats lay their eggs in clutches of roughly 50. These eggs hatch in two weeks, leading to sudden and sometimes unexpected explosions of firebrat population where they previously weren’t before.

How to Deal with Firebrats

The best way to deal with firebrats is to remove the conditions in which they thrive. If you’ve already seen firebrats in your home, getting rid of them on your own can be a challenge. Contact US Pest Protection for help. Our professional pest control experts can help determine the root causes of your problem and come up with a customized plan to deal with the issue. To get started, schedule your appointment with a pest control expert today.






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