Pest Identification: Crickets In Tennessee

Crickets are a common site during the spring and summer months in Tennessee, and their signature chirp is often associated with warm summer nights. Crickets are a common sighting throughout spring and summer, and won’t find their way inside until late Summer and early Fall before dying off in the winter. 

Camel crickets, house crickets, field crickets, and mole crickets are the most common types seen in Tennessee. These species love dark, moist spaces and will usually be found in basements, crawl spaces, or laundry rooms around the home. They are also nocturnal and most active at night. 

Camel Crickets in Tennessee

Camel crickets are the creepiest and most easily identified cricket species. Their long hind legs give them a spider-like appearance and allow them to jump up to four feet! They love dark, moist spaces and are most active at night as they see better in the dark. If you think you’ll hear these hopping invaders before you see them, think again! Camel crickets don’t chirp and instead spread their own poop on walls, called frass, to mark their territory. If you believe you’ve spotted them in your home, read more about these crickets and how you can prevent them in your home.

Field Crickets in Tennessee

The sound of field crickets chirping through the night can be soothing, but not when they are in your home. They are more destructive pests to farmers as they can destroy crops in large numbers, but they can be a nuisance to Tennessee homeowners, as well. Since crickets are more active at night, it’s not uncommon for people to report being kept up by a chirping cricket that got trapped in their home. These pests can damage fabrics and even rubber but are more annoying than they are harmful. If you’re still interested in evicting your noisy roommate, read more about how you can prevent large field cricket populations in and around your home with U.S. Pest. 

House Crickets in Tennessee

Unlike other crickets you’ll find in Tennessee, house crickets blur the line between occasional and common pests. As their name suggests house crickets can often be found inside your home during the day. They are one of the few cricket species that can live inside your home indefinitely. If an infestation is allowed to get too out of hand, you can find these pests in your laundry and even your pantry. Learn how to identify and stop the threat of a house cricket infestation.

Mole Crickets in Tennessee

Of the common cricket species found in Tennessee, mole crickets are the most unique as they have no interest in entering your home. Mole crickets, as the name suggests, make their home by tunneling in your yard using their developed, crawl-like front legs. This tunneling uproots grass and plants and can kill your lawn and plants. You’ll know mole crickets have made their home in your yard if you see small vein-like tracks in the turn where they have dug their tunnels. Find out how else you can identify mole crickets in your lawn and how to treat them with U.S. Pest. 

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