Cockroach Prevention Tips in Tennessee

Finding pests in your home or business is never fun, but there is something uniquely frightening when those pests turn out to be cockroaches. Roaming the land since the days of the dinosaurs, roaches have been found on every continent across the globe aside from Antarctica—and that means these creepy, crawly, and crunchy insects are right here in Tennessee, too. 

Constantly on the hunt for safe places to shelter, cockroaches turn to man-made structures to survive and breed throughout the changing seasons—and that means your property could be on their radar. At U.S. Pest Protection, our mission is to help you keep your home or commercial building protected from these dangerous insects, as they can spread bacteria, viruses, diseases, and even trigger asthma. 

Below, our trained pest control technicians in Tennessee have a few tips on how you can prevent these prehistoric pests from finding their way into your space. 

How to Prevent Cockroach Infestations in Tennessee

Seal Cracks, Crevices, and Entry Points

Although your home or business might be perfectly clean, cockroaches can find their way indoors if there are any easily accessible entry points. Do an exhaustive inspection of your property or building for small cracks and crevices, and make sure to do some caulking work to seal them off. Look for damaged windows or misaligned doors that feature large gaps, too. Additionally, search for any leaky pipes or areas in your space that are moisture-prone, as these insects 

Keep Your Property Clean

Roaches eat just about anything, so keeping a clean living space, restaurant, or commercial building will ensure these insects aren’t attracted to your area. Clean up food or drink spills promptly, ensure your dried goods (especially pet foods) are in airtight containers, and make sure your trash cans have sealable lids. Also, if you run a restaurant here in Tennessee, do your best to avoid hosing down floors at the end of the day, as too much moisture sitting overnight can attract roaches. Additionally, ensure your kitchen staff is discarding leftover food or waste in sealed containers or bins.

Collect and Dispose Of Packages Promptly

Cardboard is a food source for cockroaches, which means they can find their way inside packages during the shipping process or if they are left outdoors for too long and lay eggs. If you receive a lot of packages at home or at your business, make sure to collect your items promptly and dispose of cardboard boxes properly. Not only will this keep your space clean, but it will also prevent unnecessary and avoidable roach infestations near you.

Call U.S. Pest Protection for Professional Cockroach Control 

Even with all the right DIY cockroach control strategies in place, these insects can still sometimes find their way into your property. If cockroaches are bugging you despite your best efforts, it’s time for professional pest control from U.S. Pest Protection. With years of experience treating and preventing all sorts of cockroaches in Tennessee, you can count on us to get the job done. Contact our team today to schedule your free pest control inspection!






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